About Friendly Seed



Friendly SEED, standing for ‘Friendly toward Sustainable Environmental Education Development,’ is a corporation that dedicates to the innovation and development of environmental education (EE) services.



The corporation was founded in August 2010 by a group of professionals who are passionate to plant friendly seeds in the soil of environmental education. As a social enterprise, our primary goal is to promote the ideas and tools of sustainability to society, and thus bring about change. 



  • Goal

  We spread ideas to individuals and groups and bring social / environmental change.


  • Mission

  To become a leading brand in the EE industry.

  To facilitate private and public units with high quality EE development.

  To model social enterprise.



A professional and passionate environmental organization with a vision of a friendly environment.   It is our wish that we can be the seeds which spread good thoughts to our cherished environment.  



Our crew came from EE professions, biology and also forestry studies. Facing modern issues like habitat destruction, species extinction and cultural lost, we bring solutions not only through field learning courses that encourage learner’s creativity, but also by holding lectures and training workshops for different education units that can affect more audiences.


Our   Service

• Nature center management and consultation

• Environmental education program development

• Environmental Educator training programs

• Natural exploration activities



Tel: 886-2-23680603

Mail : service@friendlyseed.com.tw

Web: http://www.friendlyseed.com.tw